The Permit...

On December 7th, 1999 we were finally granted our
building permit.  I took the day off from work,
went to the Regional Building Department and
resolved to sit there until I had the permit. Two
hours and three hundred dollars later, we had the

All said and done, we spent :
$700     for the building engineering
$500     for soils engineering
$300     for the Building Permit
$300     for the Septic Permit
$0         for the Driveway Permit
(God bless the Department of transportation!)

That's $1800, and we hadn't really started.
"Oh, happy day!"
As soon as the permit came through, we started back to
work. We are both teachers and therefore we had two
weeks off for the winter break.  During this time we
hired a crew of people to pound tires.

The first course of tires took 80 tires for the main part of
the house.  As the crew approached the third course, we
needed to get more tires.  Off we went, this time with a
24' Uhaul.  The 24footer can hold about 700 tires (if you
pack it right).  Thanks again to Gerrardo and Dave from
the Tire Broker.  Tires: free, Uhaul: $80.
December 25, 1999: Our first Christmas in our new home!
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