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"In the Beginning"
"The Permit"
"How to Pound a Tire"
"Thank You to our Volunteer Labor Force"
These pages are "extras":
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"Keep Pounding!"
Earthship Links: I've added a few new links and
updated some old ones. Links to other earthship sites.
Lots of pictures. Many finished earthships, so you can
see what we're aiming for!!
"What the...?!"
"Earthship Quotes" We decided to collect the
interesting things people say about our house. Some
are REALLY funny!
"Finished Tires"
"Plumbing and Concrete"
"The Rest of the Plumbing Story"
"Bond Beam"
"Pouring the floors"
"Our First Can Wall"
"Planter Walls"
"Glass Stops"
"Glass and Interior Walls"
"Solar Rack and Pole"
"Picture Page"
I'm putting our extra pictures all on one page...
without much commentary
"Details, details, details"
"Skylights and more details"
"Earthshippers" Someone requested
some biographical information.  "What
kind of people build Earthships?" Well,
here's two.
"Septic System" -- I LOVE our engineer!!
"Finish Mud"
"What We'd Do Differently"